How do I know if my bra fits correctly? 

Cups: The cups should feel snug and supportive, moulding comfortably to your breast. There should be no bulge or gaping. 

Band: The band should fit firmly around the rib cage, without feeling too tight or rising as the back. This is why our bras have wid and adjustable bands to fit perfectly at all times. 

Straps: Your straps should not cut into your shoulders or drop-down. This is especially important for fuller cups or towards the end of your pregnancy, so you’re getting the support you need. 

No underwire: Studies have shown that underwire can be constrictive, possibly increasing the risk of breast tissue inflammation (i.e mastitis). Our bras have been developed with no underwire and soft seams instead, to provide support and comfort. 

Durability & Style: All of our bras are designed to be leaked on, vomited on, washed daily and all the fabulous things that come with breastfeeding! They are simple and practical whilst making you feel your beautiful self at all times!