New Beginnings Maternity is an Australian owned, award winning brand delivering products that offer real differences helping to make motherhood a healthy, positive and enjoyable experience.

LacTech™ is the result of research into the collection of healthy nourishing breast milk and the optimum suction and comfort levels to protect and ensure the well being of lactating breast tissue and delicate milk ducts.

This superior microprocessing technology closely mimics the natural suckling motion of baby via an exceptionally soft, rhythmic system. This unique microprocessor controlled technology is the latest know-how in breast milk expressing expertise. The motor of the pump is able to synchronise intimately, when a letdown is experienced, providing the optimum comfort and the exact suction and power settings desired. This ensures successful milk expression and complete protection of breast tissue and milk producing glands, leading to successful, safe and pain free milk collection.

This is an ultra-comfortable simple and seamless expressing experience for mum.

During testing, feedback from mothers was overwhelmingly conclusive that New Beginnings Breast Pumps with LacTech™ were vastly superior to other pumps that mothers were using.

Coupled with the
uniquely modern, portable design, this pump is an outstanding addition for new mums leading a busy on-the-go lifestyle.

New Beginnings Breast Pumps are available in a Single and Double model:



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