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LacTech Technology: Setting You Up for Success and Giving Your Baby the Best Start in Life

 At New Beginnings, our mission is to empower you to be the best mum for your little one and give your baby the best start in life. We invest our energy, research, and innovation into developing maternity products that provide an exceptional experience, setting you up for success. At the core of our vision lies LacTech™, an extraordinary breast pump technology crafted to enhance the process of collecting healthy, nourishing breast milk. This reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in motherhood, ensuring that your journey is marked by quality and support to give your baby the best start in life and set you up for success.

What is LacTech Technology?

LacTech™ is a groundbreaking breast pump technology designed to optimise the collection of healthy, nourishing breast milk. Our aim is to ensure the utmost suction and comfort levels while being gentle on lactating breast tissue and delicate milk ducts.  Nestled within each Lactech™ breast pump is a micro-processor, which facilitates an interactive dual-phase expression. This closely mirrors your baby's natural sucking rhythm, promoting a more seamless and efficient milk letdown.

How does LacTech help me?

Lactech™ Technology has been meticulously developed to provide new mothers with the optimal means to express milk safely and effectively, ensuring a successful and comfortable pumping journey.  Based on extensive professional research, our breast pumps employ a superior micro-processing technology that incorporates a dual phase system that mirrors a baby's natural sucking rhythm. This gentle yet effective system optimises and guarantees the efficient expression of milk. The embedded micro-computer technology within the motor ensures impeccable suction, and offers an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience for mothers during their breastfeeding journey.

Benefits of LacTech Breast Pumps

LacTech™ provides new mothers with a range of benefits, guaranteeing a safe, efficient, and comfortable pumping experience, thereby giving your baby the best start in life. The micro-compressor in each breast pump enables an interactive dual-phase expression, closely resembling your baby's natural sucking rhythm for a seamless letdown. Additionally, the advanced multi-level expression system ensures precise control, delivering a highly personalised and adjustable experience tailored to your comfort and suction preferences, ultimately setting you up for success and adapting to your unique needs as a mother.

What’s the difference between the single and double electric breast pump?

The main difference between our single electric breast pump and a double electric breast pump is the number of breast shields and milk collection containers.

Single Electric Breast Pump: Our single electric breast pump has one breast shield and one milk collection container. It pumps milk from one breast at a time and is suitable for mums who need to express milk occasionally or have a low to moderate milk supply.

Double Electric Breast Pump: Our double electric breast pump has two breast shields and two milk collection containers, allowing mothers to pump milk from both breasts simultaneously. This makes it more efficient and suitable for mothers who need to express milk frequently or have a higher milk supply.

What makes New Beginnings breast pumps different?

When you use a New Beginnings electric breast pump, you’re using a hospital-grade breast pump with advanced LacTech™ micro-computer technology, which closely mimics the natural suckling motion of baby via an exceptionally soft, rhythmic system. Our single and double electric breast pumps offer 5 stimulation settings, along with 9 pumping settings. With a USB port and small in size, our electric breast pumps are preferred by 9/10 Australian mums.

LacTech™ Breast Pump Selling Points

In Conclusion

LacTech™ Technology is a commitment to new mothers starting out on their breastfeeding journey.  With its groundbreaking design, incorporating a dual-phase system that mirrors your baby's natural sucking rhythm and a multi-level expression system for personalised comfort, breast pumps with LacTech Technology set you up for success and give your baby the best start in life.

Choose New Beginnings and LacTech™ for a truly exceptional breastfeeding experience. Our breast pumps are available in both single breast pump and double breast pump options, ready to make your journey into motherhood an ultra-comfortable, simple and efficient expressing experience.


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