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New Beginnings Maternity Wear & Accessories

New Beginnings is an Australian maternity brand specialising in maternity essentials, breast care and feeding. Born from a belief that every mum’s goal is the same: to keep themselves and bub healthy and happy, the New Beginnings mission is to take care of you by providing maternity essentials that look and feel great and just work!

Our vision is to celebrate mums for not only birthing a new life but for who they are as individuals by empowering them with maternity products they can trust. Our innovative technology supports you in today’s world and our environmentally friendly approach will enable future generations to thrive.


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Times have changed and so too has being a mum. It’s why we’ve continually created products that best support mums in today’s world. Like our UGrow™ maternity bras that grow with you throughout your journey. Or our LacTech™ breast pumps that mimic the natural sensation of breastfeeding. So you can rest assured knowing we’re always on the lookout for ways to support you better.

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Being a mum can be all-consuming, whether you’re a first or second time mum. We know sometimes you can lose who you are along the way. We’re here to remind you there are other sides to you than “mum.” Our range of maternity essentials make it easier for you to do the things you love while embracing being a mum.

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We understand protecting our environment is important, and we’re proud to do our part. Our products not only feel great for you, but also for the environment. Whether it be bamboo products like breast pads, maternity undies, and dry wipes, or washable breast pads, or our recyclable packaging. We know we’re not perfect, but we’re doing better each day.

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