Regular Bamboo Nursing Pads (40pk)
Made from extra soft, natural bamboo lining and a highly absorbent core, the New Beginnings nursing pads are designed to channel and evenly disperse any leaked milk. Why Choose Bamboo? Biodegradable Soft-touch Hypoallergenic Breathable and thermo-regulating Highly absorbent Eco friendly...
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Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads (30pk)
Our Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads, thinner and super absorbent. Now available for your comfort and confidence knowing they are completely invisible under clothing - Say goodbye to wet patches!  Why Choose Bamboo? Biodegradable Soft touch Hypoallergenic Breathable and thermo-regulating Highly...
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Washable Bamboo Nursing Pads (8pk)
The New Beginnings washable bamboo nursing pads are the perfect eco-friendly option for feeling confident and dry all day. The 3 layers of super-soft, absorbent bamboo and cotton mean no leaks and no stress.  Product Features Bamboo inner core for...
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While the two main ingredients of breastfeeding are likely already on hand – that is, your baby and your breasts! – there are many other nursing essentials to stock up on before bub’s arrival to make sure you’re left feeling comfortable, dry and protected in between feeds. From nipple shields to heating and cooling pads, there are plenty of breast care products available – but perhaps the most popular item in every mum’s maternity kit are Nursing pads.

Nursing pads are small circles of absorbent material that are placed between your breast and your bra to soak up any milk leaks. Whether you’re breastfeeding or pumping, new mums will often experience different levels of leakage, so having nursing pads at the ready can help prevent annoying milk stains or the stress when you feel milk coming in while you’re on the go. (You may even find some leakage occurs during your pregnancy, so it can be useful to stock up early.)

Our selection of nursing pads for bras – including our gold-medal winning Regular Bamboo Nursing Pads – has been thoughtfully created with mums’ confidence and comfort in mind. 

Our entire range of both disposable and reusable nursing pads are made featuring a highly absorbent bamboo inner core, which can take in an incredible 40 times its weight in liquid (making it a key component in our maternity pads, too). Soft, gentle and hypoallergenic, bamboo nursing pads are beautifully breathable and delicate on your skin, making them an ideal choice for new mums. 

Bamboo also thermo-regulates, giving lactating mamas total comfort all day long. Bonus: bamboo is also an eco-friendly choice as it is biodegradable, making it a winner for the environmentally-minded among us – and aren’t we all these days? (Click here to learn more about the benefits of bamboo.)

Level up your eco-conscious choices even further with our reusable nursing pads, which are machine washable and feature a super-soft microfibre outer layer to ensure ultimate comfort. They even come with a handy washbag to help you get the best results and extend their life.

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