Disposable Bamboo Nursing Pads (40pk)
Made from extra soft, natural bamboo lining and a highly absorbent core, the New Beginnings nursing pads are designed to channel and evenly disperse any leaked milk. Why Choose Bamboo? Biodegradable Soft-touch Hypoallergenic Breathable and thermo-regulating Highly absorbent Eco friendly...
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Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads (30pk)
You've spoken and we've listened! Introducing our Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads, thinner and super absorbent. Now available for your comfort and confidence knowing they are completely invisible under clothing - Say goodbye to wet patches!  Why Choose Bamboo? Biodegradable Soft touch...
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Washable Bamboo Breast Pads
The New Beginnings washable bamboo nursing pads are the perfect eco-friendly option for feeling confident and dry all day. The 3 layers of super-soft, absorbent bamboo and cotton mean no leaks and no stress.  Product Features Bamboo inner core for...
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