Top 10 Tips for Postpartum Recovery


After giving birth, whether through a vaginal delivery or c-section, it's important to remember that the postpartum period is a time of recovery. This means that you, Mumma, need time to rest and recoup. Regardless of how smoothly your pregnancy went or how easy your delivery was, your body has undergone significant strain and needs time to heal so you can embrace being a new mum.

We’ve put together our top 10 suggestions of things you can do to help cope during this time.

1: Rest!

Easier said than done when you’ve just had a baby and it feels like there’s a never-ending list of things to do, but for the next few weeks you need to be able to ask for help and accept it when it’s offered. That means the washing, cleaning and anything physical can wait.

2: Eat well

Eating well not only helps you heal faster, but if you’re breastfeeding, it also helps with your baby's development. So whether you order a weekly meal plan full of nutrient rich foods delivered to the door, or your parent, friend or partner is a whizz in the kitchen, make sure you’re filling your body with foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

3: Stay hydrated

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of how much water you’re drinking per day. Here are a few tips to keep you hydrated:

  • Always keep a full water bottle in close reach
  • Put a reminder every hour on your phone or watch to remind yourself to have a drink
  • Jazz-up your water by adding a little flavour with slices of fresh fruit or a cold, flavoured tea bag
  • Opt for herbal tea – this will help keep you warm and hydrated all in one go

It’s extra important that Breastfeeding mums prioritise adequate hydration. Producing milk takes a toll on the body and staying hydrated will help facilitate the first postpartum bowel movement. 

4: Dealing with discomfort

Postpartum pain and discomfort are expected but manageable. Stock up on pain relief methods recommended by your healthcare provider and warm compresses. If you notice any discomfort as a result of breastfeeding, try our New Beginnings breast care range. Our Aqua Gel Breast Pads and Hot + Cold Breast Packs are a lifesaver. And as the saying goes, if pain persists, see your doctor!

5: Light exercise

The best and fastest way to recover will be to slowly introduce moving your body a bit more each day. Start with some short walks and see how your body goes. There are also exercises you can do without even getting up, like strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, with kegels. Just remember, always consult your doctor before beginning any major exercise regimens, and make sure to check in at the 6 week postpartum milestone before getting started.

6: Listen to your body

If you don’t feel up to something, don’t push yourself. This isn’t the time to be kicking goals or checking off to-do lists.

7: Healing time

Postpartum recovery usually takes around six to eight weeks after delivery, but of course, there are some cases where it can take longer. This is where tip number seven is important, after all, slow and steady wins the race.

8: Vaginal bleeding

During this time you’ll also experience things like postpartum bleeding & vaginal discharge. Both, while not pleasant, are your body's way of getting rid of the blood and tissue that was inside your uterus while being pregnant. Make sure you stock up on maxi pads – our New Beginnings Bamboo Maternity Pads are a great option!

9: Trouble in the toilet

Experiencing constipation after childbirth is quite common. This is mostly due to pain-relieving meds or if you had an epidural during delivery. Rest assured there are ways to combat the problem:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat high-fiber foods or get yourself some metamucil
  • Try taking a bowel softener from your local chemist
  • If your doctor advises you to take any iron supplements, make sure you select ones that don’t cause constipation

10: Reach out for support

Postpartum recovery can bring up a rollercoaster of emotions. This is an important time to surround yourself with the emotional support of your partner, family, or friends. Joining local mother’s groups or seeking counseling can also provide a safe space to share your experiences.

Above all, remember to be patient and kind to yourself. Embrace the ups and downs, celebrate small victories, and remind yourself that you're doing an incredible job!


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