Hospital Bag Essentials

Worth $136.60 if bought separately.

Prepare for the arrival of your little one with our thoughtfully curated “Hospital Bag Essentials Kit,” created to cater to your needs during the initial days after labour, ensuring you have all the necessary tools to begin your motherhood journey.

This comprehensive hospital pack for labour includes:

8x Aqua Gel Breast Pads

Experience immediate relief and comfort for sore nipples with these cooling gel pads.

2x Breast Care Hot+Cold Packs

The versatile hot and cold breast packs are designed to alleviate pain and encourage milk flow, offering relief and support during breastfeeding.

80x Bamboo Nursing Pads

Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, these nursing pads offer maximum absorbency and unparalleled comfort, ensuring a worry-free breastfeeding experience.

24x Bamboo Maternity Pads

Featuring an ultra-absorbent hexagonal weave with an eco-friendly bamboo core, these pads provide the utmost protection and comfort during the postpartum period.

2x Disposable Pants

These disposable briefs are specifically designed to aid in post-birth healing while ensuring optimal comfort.

1x Portable Mini UV Steriliser

Stay germ-free on the go with our portable UV steriliser, which eradicates 99.9% of germs and bacteria, providing peace of mind wherever you are.

1x Silicone Manual Breast Pump

Make expressing breast milk a more convenient experience with full control over suction speed and rhythm.

100x Bamboo Dry Wipes
Preservative-free and gentle on your baby’s skin, these bamboo wipes aid in maintaining cleanliness.

1x Laundry Bag

Effortlessly pack and transport dirty clothes back home with this laundry bag, ensuring organisation throughout your hospital stay.


To take some stress out of the process, we offer free returns & exchanges on all our bras! This way, you can try out any size, style or colour to find what works best for you. Visit our returns and exchanges page to begin the process.

Just ensure all original tags are left on and they're in their original condition. Bras that have obviously been worn for an extended period of time, washed or purposely damaged can be not exchanged or returned. 

If you need to return or exchange simply send it back to us in the same package you received it in, with the below address attached. Ensure your order form has been completed and placed back in with your items. 

Tip: You can post your items back from a post box, however we recommend taking your returns & exchanges to a post office to receive a tracking number.



Do I still need a Hospital Bag Essentials if I plan to go home the same day?

Absolutely, even if you plan for a same-day discharge after delivery, it's wise to prepare for post-labor recovery as you may still experience some discomfort and bleeding. Maternity pads and disposable underwear are essential items to manage post-labor bleeding and maintain hygiene during the initial recovery period, whether you're at the hospital or at home. These items ensure you have the necessary comfort and care as you begin your recovery journey.

Does this Hospital Bag Essentials cover products needed for a c-section birth?

Yes! The Hospital Bag Essentials pack provides essential items for both vaginal and c-section births. The disposable pants are especially friendly for c-section mumma's due to the stretchy material and versatile fit.

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