Why I Choose Bamboo Dry Wipes...


It seems that everybody is hopping on board the wellness, health, Mother Nature band wagon these days and with good reason. We are much more conscious about our bodies and the effects we are having on the planet and we are now bringing that level of awareness back with a focus on our children’s well-being.

There has never been a wider selection of healthy and environmentally sound baby products on the market then there is today. Yes some of these products are more expensive and some may seem a little too left of centre but where you decide to draw a line in the sand is up to you. For me personally I could never use natural cloth nappies, I just know that I would find that to be such a headache but I do know of ladies that swear by it. However I have started being more conscious in other ways like using the New Beginnings Bamboo Dry Wipes.

Now you wouldn’t naturally conclude ‘Baby does a poo, hand me the old bamboo’ but bamboo is fast becoming natures wonder plant and here’s why. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant that uses very little space and water to grow and it actually helps repair the environment. It adds 35% more oxygen than regular trees and is truly a super plant being used in many industries. Therefore producing baby wipes using bamboo has so many benefits:

  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Helps reduce nappy rash by keeping bubs dry
  • Free of parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates
  • Alcohol-free
  • Fragrance free
  • Bamboo is Biodegradable!
  • Highly absorbent

New Beginnings are doing their part and offering mothers what they desire with a product that is easy to obtain (online, Coles & Chemist Warehouse), a great price, good for the environment and most importantly free of all the nasties that you find in a lot of other baby wipe products.

Additionally dry wipes have a longer shelf life, so they make the perfect travel essential and can be stored in hot areas like your car ready for use anytime. All it takes is the addition of water to turn them into your regular wet wipes to clean bottoms, hands, faces and I will admit sometimes the perfect cleaning chux. Another mention for me is that I noticed my son was getting nappy rash which is perfectly common as that area is often damp for a period time whilst sleeping. The great thing about the dry wipe is that I would use them afterwards in dry form to soak up any residual moisture and I noticed the nappy rash would clear up a lot easier then adding creams for example.

So in using New Beginnings Bamboo Dry wipes I feel like I am doing the best for my son with a quality product and the bonus is that I am also doing my small part in helping the environment. That’s a double win for me!

 Author: Elise Bradfield @elise_bradfield