New Beginnings is designed to support you in your journey towards motherhood. Our unique secret lies in our UGrow technology, which provides fit, style & comfort - adjusting with you as your little one grows! We value you, and we want to make your pregnancy a special time in your life. We offer our maternity bras at an affordable price, with great deals when you purchase a three pack. Our products are award winning and loved by Australian mums alike, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to give back to the community. We donate proceeds from every bra sale, helping mothers who are struggling. New Beginnings specialises in crafting bras which utilise cutting edge technology known as UGrow. It is this unique element that ensures all our products retain the perfect fit, style and comfort, no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at. As your body changes, so does your New Beginnings bra, meaning you are supported and comfortable from start to finish.

Your breast size will change dramatically throughout your pregnancy, that is why a bra with a standardised cup size will never be the perfect fit. You will go through a growth phase, where your gland tissues will grow as they become prepared for the production of milk. Once you give birth, your breast will enlarge again, due to the lactiferous glands which are essentially accumulated milk and milk ducts. Your breasts will continue to change as you breastfeed, depending on when you feed your baby and how quickly they reproduce their milk. Every woman is unique in this process and every woman will grow at a different pace. This is why New Beginnings has developed a unique technology we call UGrow, as your body goes through these processes, your maternity wear will adapt with you, ensuring you always find the perfect fit.

No matter what stage you are going through, from pregnancy to breastfeeding, UGrow technology will ensure your bra remains comfortable, supportive and adjustable. New Beginnings recognises the important health benefits of having a consistently fitted bra, such as allowing your milk ducts to grow and function without being constricted. At the same time, the perfect fit also ensures you are properly supported in order to avoid unnecessary stretch marks or ‘low hanging’ caused by poorly fitted garments.

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