Afterbirth 101 : 8 things they don’t tell you! 

Pregnancy is hard, child-birth is hard, but no one really talks about how hard the recovery after birth can be… Everyone gives you tips on how to manage your pregnancy, and how to look after bub, but what about you? Well we’ve got you mama, we’re here to tell you the top 8 things that you need to know about your body after birth! 

1. You will still look pregnant! 
I know what you’re thinking, “I'll bounce back after I give birth and be ready to go!” Well unfortunately your body needs some time to recover, so your body will feel squishy and doughy for a little while after giving birth. Regardless of your size, every body will take a little while to realise bub isn’t inside anymore. But remember to go easy on yourself, you’ve just had a whole human inside of you!

2. Downstairs is a bit of a nightmare…
Swelling, stitches, tears, the works! Going to the bathroom and getting comfortable sitting down is a whole endeavour. She’s been through a lot, so take extra care with her! Soaking in a bath, inflatable ring pillows, ice packs and no tight pants! And trust us when we say, don’t get intrigued and get a mirror out, it’s better not knowing at this stage… 

3. Time to put on your big girl panties
Whether you’ve given birth through c-section or vaginal birth, you’re going to need some extra protection down there. It’s extremely common to have heavier periods and discharge after giving birth. This can last for 2-6 weeks, so stock up on your favourite extra long, wide maternity pads (we recommend our Bamboo Maternity Pads) or even some postpartum nappies! Both will definitely be needed, since tampons are a no go during this time!

4. Cramps while breastfeeding
Yepp, that’s right! Us women can’t escape a cramp or two. During the first few days to weeks postpartum, strong cramps can be experienced during let down. This is actually your uterus contracting back to it’s normal size! Some women find these cramps stronger than labour contractions, so take it easy in our first few weeks. 

5. Escape of the breast milk
If you’re breastfeeding for the first time you may notice milk coming from more than one area on your nipple. Don’t worry, you’re not broken, this is completely normal.  As there are multiple milk ducts in your breast, milk can come from various different milk ducts at once.

6. Hair loss
I know, it’s not what you want to hear right? Don’t worry, it’s normal! With your hormones going crazy and bub no longer inside you, you may find increased hair loss around 3 months postpartum. No need to stress though, once your hormones start to balance again you’ll get some beautiful regrowth which may take a while to blend back in…

7. ALL the feels & emotions
You will never relate more to song lyrics than Hot n Cold by Katy Perry until after childbirth. With your hormones going crazy not only will you experience hot and cold flushes, but your emotions will be all over the place! Yes you’ll start randomly crying because you can’t put your sock on the right way, and if you can’t find the opening for the plastic bag...it’s getting ripped up right away. You’re not going crazy mama, it’s just your hormones trying to keep it together for you.

8. Our body is just constantly leaking
Ever wondered what it’s like to feel like a dripping tap you can’t turn off? Well lucky you, now you get to find out! Not only will your breasts start leaking when you see any baby smile, laugh, cry, breathe...literally do anything. But your downstairs will also be doing it’s own thing too! Stock up on your maternity pads, nursing pads, wipes, bras, undies, tshirt, basically anything that goes on your body! You might find yourself changing more than bub!

For all your first time mums, we’re right here with you. For all your second/third/fourth time mums, girl you’re superwoman! The challenges our body faces when becoming a mum is truly hurdle after hurdle, but you’re strong enough to jump over every single one of them- all while holding bub and brushing your teeth! You should be proud of your body and everything it’s capable of, and for those mama’s who are yet to face it all...good luck! 

Let us know what was your biggest shock after giving birth, we’d love to hear from you!