Baby Fruit Size By Week: How big is my baby?

Baby Fruit Size Comparison: How big is my baby?

Working out your baby’s size by comparing the impending arrival to various foodstuffs is a fun and handy way to understand the different stages of your bub’s growth, and when it comes to estimating your baby by week, fruit and veggies are great comparative tools. So, to help you answer the question, ‘How big is my baby?’ as your pregnancy progresses, we’ve pulled together your ultimate baby fruit size guide.

Ready to find out your baby’s size by week? Read on to stay on top of your pregnancy fruit size for your whole 9 months.

You can also download your own copy of our New Beginnings Baby Size chart!

Size of baby at 1-3 weeks

When it comes to the very, very early life of your baby, fruit doesn’t quite come into play just yet. In the first few weeks – when you likely don’t yet know you’re expecting! – that little foetus is barely more than a cluster of cells preparing itself to become a tiny human. But don’t you worry… that little seed is about to start growing, and in no time you’ll be able to proudly share your baby’s fruit size!

Size of baby at 4 weeks

How big is a baby at 4 weeks? Not very! In fact, when it comes to the size of your baby at 4 weeks, fruit is still a little too big to compare. Think more along the lines of a poppy seed or kiwifruit seed. In fact, at this stage, your bub is little more than a ball of cells. But don’t you worry – change is a comin’.

Size of baby at 5 weeks

How big is a baby at 5 weeks? This early on, we have something akin to a sesame seed, and the creation of the brain, spinal cord, blood vessels and heart are on the go.

Size of baby at 6 weeks

If you’ve been wondering, ‘How big is my baby at 6 weeks?’, find yourself a lentil and take a closer look because that’ll give you a good idea of just how much bub has grown in the past 7 days.

Size of baby at 7 weeks

At 7 weeks in the womb, your baby is around the same size as a blueberry, at 1cm long. So sweet!

Size of baby at 8 weeks

How big is a baby at 8 weeks? An average 8-week foetus is around the size of a kidney bean (1.6cm, measured head to bottom). At this stage of its development, your bub has fingers and toes – they’re webbed for now, but in the coming weeks their individual digits will grow.

Size of baby at 9 weeks

And, just like that, your baby has officially levelled-up from embryo to foetus status. Oh, and they’re around the size of a grape (2.3cm long, weighing in at 2g).

Size of baby at 10 weeks

A kumquat is a good match for your 10-week foetus’ size (3.1cm; 4g). Unlike a kumquat, though, your little one is now growing eyebrows!

Size of baby at 11 weeks

As a guide to the size of baby at 11 weeks, our favourite fruit, the humble fig, is your go-to size comparison (4.1cm; 7g).

Size of baby at 12 weeks

At 12 weeks, or approximately 3 months, foetuses are around the size of a lime (5.4cm; 14g) and are beginning to form fingernails, toenails and bones.

By week 12, you might notice your clothes beginning to feel a bit tight. Wearing a maternity bra and maternity leggings will help support your growing bump and changing body. 

Size of baby at 13 weeks

Your baby’s size by week 13 has grown a little, but they’re still on the small side, at about the same length as a pea pod (7.4cm) and weighing in at 23g.

Size of baby at 14 weeks

Hello, second trimester! Your bub is now roughly the size of a peach (8.7cm; 43g) and can do all sorts of clever things, like squint, frown, grimace, pee… and maybe even suck their thumb.

Size of baby at 15 weeks

An apple is a good representation of your baby’s size by week 15 (10.1cm; 70g). Sweet as pie! At this stage, they can do somersaults, though you probably won’t feel them just yet.

Size of baby at 16 weeks

What’s the size of baby at 16 weeks compared to fruit? It’s everyone’s favourite toast topping… an avocado! And while they’re only 11.6cm long, they’ve hit double digits at 100g.

Size of baby at 17 weeks

Not getting drastically bigger in the past 7 days, the size of your baby at 17 weeks pregnant compared to fruit is a turnip (13cm; 140g).

Size of baby at 18 weeks

‘How big is baby at 18 weeks?’ you ask. When you’re 18 weeks pregnant, your baby’s size is roughly the size of a capsicum (14.2cm; 190g). Spicy! Bub also has their very own fingerprints by week 18, and their genitalia has formed.

Size of baby at 19 weeks

The size of baby at 19 weeks, fruit-wise, is an heirloom tomato (15.3cm; 240g) – and you may even start to feel your little friend giving you prods and jabs, particularly if this isn’t your first pregnancy.

Size of baby at 20 weeks

Now we’re really getting the fruit salad going! Your bub’s  fruit size at 20 weeks is (drumroll please…) a banana (16.4cm; 300g). A banana that may be starting to sprout some thin eyebrows and a little hair on their head, but a banana all the same. From about 20 weeks, your baby is measured from head to heel (25.6), rather than from the bottom, as their legs unfurl from their tucked-in position.

Size of baby at 21 weeks

Things don’t change too drastically size-wise at 21 weeks, when your baby is around the length of a carrot (26.7cm; 360g). It’s around this time that they’ll start responding to touch, too – put a little pressure on your belly and they may move away or even push back!

Size of baby at 22 weeks

‘What size fruit is my baby at 22 weeks?’ you ask. A 22-week-old foetus is about the same size as a Lebanese cucumber (27.8cm; 430g). At 22 weeks pregnant (in months, that’s about 6), baby is starting to produce the protein that will help them breathe on their own once they arrive earthside. They grow up so fast!

Size of baby at 23 weeks

At around 500g now, your baby-fruit size comparison at 23 weeks is a mango (28.9cm), and there’s so much other cool stuff going on at this time, too. Baby is starting to hear more and even recognise your voice!

Size of baby at 24 weeks

With a big jump in weight to 600g, your 24-week-old foetus is officially around the size of an ear of corn (30cm), and they’re already practising breathing! (Although right now, they’re inhaling amniotic fluid, not air. Don’t worry, it’s what they’re meant to do!)

Size of baby at 25 weeks

At 25 weeks, your baby’s size is roughly around that of an average swede (34.6cm; 660g). They’re learning to be cheeky right now, too, by sticking out their tongue.

Size of baby at 26 weeks

At 26 weeks, your baby’s size is now similar to a red cabbage, with another 100g leap (35.6cm; 760g)! Their hair is growing, they’re responding more to sound… it’s all happening!

Size of baby at 27 weeks

Things are really ramping up by week 27, as your baby grows to about the size of a cauliflower (36.6cm; 875g). They may also be able to distinguish between your and your partner’s voice – so clever.

Size of baby at 28 weeks

You’re in your 7th month and wondering, ‘How big is my baby now?’ Don’t freak out, but you’ve got a tot the size of a large eggplant in there at around 1kg (37.6cm)! They’re beginning to open and close their eyes at this stage.

Size of baby at 29 weeks

Staying in the squash family, by 26 weeks, your bub is about the same size as a butternut pumpkin (38.6cm; 1.2kg) – and from now until birth, their brain will triple in weight.

Size of baby at 30 weeks

When it comes to the size of baby at 30 weeks, fruit takes a back seat once again – this time it’s a decent-sized cabbage taking centre stage (39.9cm; 1.3kg). Bub is also starting to take naps, cycling between sleeping and waking.

By week 30, you might start to notice some lower back discomfort. A pregnancy belt can help support your bump and ease lower back pain.

Size of baby at 31 weeks

In your 7th month, your bub is starting to grow at a rate of around 250g a week… and your ‘baby fruit’ is now a 1.5kg coconut (41.1cm)!

Size of baby at 32 weeks

At 32 weeks, you’re likely wondering, ‘how big is my baby now?’ The answer: bub is as long as a bunch of celery (42.4cm) and weighs about 1.7kg. Watch what you eat now – bub’s taste buds have developed and they may just get a taste for what you nosh on!

Size of baby at 33 weeks 

Pineapple is the perfect baby fruit size comparison at the 33-week mark (43.7cm; 1.9kg). Meanwhile, your baby is beginning to plump up and their skin is becoming less wrinkled as they get closer to making their grand entrance.

Size of baby at 34 weeks

Things are getting bigger… Your 34-week baby fruit marker is a rockmelon (45cm; 2.1kg). Tip: Try singing a favourite lullaby to your bump at this stage – research shows they’re more likely to be comforted by that same song after birth!

Size of baby at 35 weeks

Hey, honey! At 35 weeks, your baby is the size of a honeydew melon (46.2cm; 2.4kg), and you might’ve noticed that space is getting tight in there as bub’s twists and turns may become a little uncomfortable.

Size of baby at 36 weeks

A large cos lettuce will give you a good idea of baby’s size by week 36 (47.4cm; 2.6kg). At the end of this week, you’re considered full-term – your new arrival could come any day!

Size of baby at 37 weeks

Your bub is as long as a stalk of Swiss chard (48.6cm) – though a bit heavier, at around 2.9kg! With an increase in their hearing sensitivity, baby may start to hone their startle reflexes at this time, too.

Size of baby at 38 weeks

You’re in the home stretch now! Your baby is as long as a leek this week (49.8cm; 3kg), and can grasp with their hands. Connections are still forming in their brain as they get ready to join the world.

Size of baby at 39 weeks

If it feels like you’re carrying around a mini watermelon in there, you’re not wrong – weighing in at 3.3kg, this is your baby’s fruit size at 39 weeks (50.7cm).

Size of baby at 40 weeks

If baby is still hanging out in your womb at week 40, they’ll be about the size of a small pumpkin (51.2cm; 3.3kg). But don’t stress if they stay inside a little longer than you’re expecting – many first babies are late.

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