How much to budget for a new baby

Having a baby for the first time will ultimately be one of the happiest times of your life. Sure, you’re a bit nervous and at times overwhelmed but you get to start your own little family. But before that day comes along you have a nursery to plan, baby names to pick and someone who will depend on you forever.

As you grow bigger, attend those antenatal classes and build your nursery, it’s natural to start thinking about how your world will change. Your life as you have known it has been all about you and you may begin to notice the ‘life will never be the same again’ comments cropping up. Then on one quiet evening after a distraction free dinner you look at your partner and your partner looks at you, a light bulb goes off and you both unanimously say ‘BABYMOON’.

Now baby-moons may vary from a weekend away to an overseas vacation but before you go all ‘baby brain’ on this hare- brained idea let’s share some stats with you. It is said that a baby can cost a family at least $150 per week amounting to over $15,000 in just a single year. Now let’s think about this 10 nappies a day, $33 per box of 90 nappies = approx. $100 per month alone just in nappies.

Let’s not forget about formula if you don’t breast feed ($30 per tin), baby wipes, clothes, towels, dummies, prams, change tables, maternity bras, car seats, swaddles, baby monitors, breast pumps,  toys, socks, blankets, bassinets, needles, doctors’ appointments, child care (if you go down that route), bottles, cutlery, gymbaroo and on and on it goes.

So after making note of all the additional expenses any new mum will face, it’s probably best to ditch the baby-moon idea and become a baby-prepper:

-Stockpile nappies when stores have them on special.

-Search prices online for wet wipes, dummies and bottles (remember to check delivery fees).

-Attend the Baby Expo’s in your area to find better deals and read the reviews on the best pram or car seat.

-Don’t leave buying your maternity items until the last minute. As finding the right bra for example can take time. The New Beginnings maternity range allows mums to purchase from their comfy and affordable bra collection and their returns policy will allow an exchange or refund if the bra doesn’t fit. *Keep an eye out for their 2 for 1 bra deals *

Start to also be accepting of any help that’s offered when it comes to big purchases as everyone close to you will be getting baby fever with the arrival of your newborn. And if you decide to have a baby shower use a registry to ensure your nursery is equipped with everything you need.

So wave goodbye to the baby-moon and life you once knew because life is really going to be so much better then you ever imagined when this baby arrives. Yes you’re tired, yes you’re overwhelmed but let’s try not to add any additional financial worries to the load. Not to mention the late night runs down to the supermarket because you have run out of nappies.