Transition Bra


Answer, Mumma code for - have your breasts survived months and months of being at your babies beck and call?

Response, only just and quite frankly, we feel like a milking cow (best job ever but exhausting) however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have reached that moment of transition. The transition from ‘my whole world is my baby’ to ‘ I live in the world with my baby.’ There is a very subtle change in those two expressions as a new era of freedom starts to slowly creep back into your life. Like any time of change, we of course have questions;

How do I wean my baby?

Will my baby self-wean?

Is this the right time?

Is there something that will make this next chapter easier?

Well Mumma’s, you’re in-luck because New Beginnings has made this an easier process for you. Following research and consultation with Aussie mums, the Transition Bra was developed specifically for when you are starting to wean your baby. Often the when and how is decided by bubs or lifestyle factors (like heading back to work), so don’t put pressure on yourself to fit into a certain timeframe. Let’s try and make this as simple, supportive and comfortable as possible, for you!

The Transition Bra is super soft featuring a cross the chest design and seamless elastic band for support. It’s a nice way to practically and mentally wean yourself into a post-baby bra. The Transition Bra removes all the awkward clasps, hinges and ‘largeness’ of a maternity bra whilst offering breathability from 95% cotton.

Wardrobe necessity beige and pink colour options, with a range of sizes easy to read off the New Beginnings website. If you already have their wonderful breast feeding bras than this is a no brainer in getting back into the real world with confidence and support in a product that will help you do so.

So welcome to stepping out and getting a bit of yourself back and being able to do so in a bra that embraces and supports you again, in a new way, in a new phase!