Tips and Tricks on Pregnancy Back Support

Why Supporting your Back is so Important?

During pregnancy you experience a whole range of new emotions, feelings, and even pain - sometimes this includes back pain. It’s not unusual for women to feel pain in their lower back, especially as they grow during pregnancy. The cause of this discomfort comes from new weight around your abdomen which adds stress to your spine as you lean back to support your baby. 

New Beginnings Maternity know all about back pain, and we offer two types of pregnancy back support – the Back-Support Tube to lift and support your tummy, and the Back-Support Belt to take the pressure off your back. Choosing a good quality pregnancy back support range is important for you and your baby, reducing pain so you can enjoy your months together.

Remedies for Pregnancy Back Pain...

Maternity Belt

Investing in a maternity belt like the back-support tube from New Beginnings is a great way relieve stress on your back and abdomen as your baby grows. The back-support tube and its unique knitted band extends under your abdomen to provide shaping and total support.


Good Posture

Always being told to stand up straight? You shouldn’t ignore this warning when you’re pregnant. Good posture can actually decrease pain in your lower back. Simple ways to improve your posture include pulling your shoulders back, keeping your feet flat on the ground, and standing with your feet about hip distance apart to bare weight evenly.

Supportive shoes 

Not only are supportive shoes actually much more comfortable than flats, they can relieve pain too. Heels are a no-go too, as the height increases the curve in your spine, adding pressure to your lower back. Pregnancy can still be fashionable in supportive shoes with arch-support.

Good Sleep Support

Sleeping is hard, especially when you’re pregnant. If you’re looking for ways to maximize sleep, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees to relieve your lower back whilst you rest.

These remedies are practical steps you can take without using too much energy to ease pain during pregnancy. Trying something new every day is a great way to see what works for you. It’s also important to adjust your body and routine to meet your new needs, and incorporating both exercise and rest to your day can help combat all sorts of pain.

Why Choose New Beginnings?

If you’re looking for a little bit of help, New Beginnings offers pregnancy back support and other fantastic maternity wear items that can see you through your pregnancy and beyond. Shop for more here

New Beginnings knows that pregnancy can be painful, but empowering mothers and mothers-to-be through their supportive and high-quality products means you can trust New Beginnings to help you be you – confident, sexy and most of all, comfortable.

To find out more about New Beginnings pregnancy back support and order products, email sales@newbeginnings.com.au, or call the order hotline on 1300 768 868.

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