Why These Maternity Bras Are An Absolute Game Changer

Choosing the Right Maternity Bra

Being pregnant can take its toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally, and you may not always be able to help those things. Luckily, what you do have power over is what you wear, and this can make a huge difference to how you feel.
Choosing the right maternity bra is a way to maintain some control in your life. New Beginnings are experts in maternity wear and bras, and with pregnant women in mind, their products are perfect for your growing body!

You’ll notice that your breasts will change a lot during your pregnancy and finding a bra that supports you is super important.

New Beginnings uses a unique weave of fabric called UGrow Technology  within their maternity bras allowing the bra to expand and contract with your changing body while maintaining the constant support you need. With a New Beginnings maternity bra, you’ll be supported from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy.

What You Should Look For In a Maternity Bra

There are certain qualities you should look for in a maternity bra – it should
  • Support you
  • Make you feel comfortable
  • Allow you to grow
Maternity bras are created to offer more support than a normal bra, which often means they are designed WITHOUT WIRES and have wider straps so your breasts have more room to grow as they increase and decrease in size throughout pregnancy. 

All these requirements are easy to find at New Beginnings, with all bras including UGrow technology and high-quality materials. The great thing is that you don’t need to exchange your comfort for looking and feeling good.

Bad bras can increase discomfort in your shoulders, back and neck, so it’s important to wear a bra that doesn’t contribute to the problem!

Maternity Bra vs. Normal Bra

 Whilst maternity bras are much more comfortable during pregnancy than a normal bra, they also protect breast tissue as the size and tenderness of your breasts fluctuates. Maternity bras allow your breasts to grow as milk ducts produce milk and won’t restrict you through that process. The added support at every size also means that unnecessary stretch marks are avoided.

Normal bras” are mostly designed with fashion in mind, and so during pregnancy your well-being is compromised. Often, fashion materials such as lace are also uncomfortable for sensitive breasts. New Beginnings maternity bras with UGrow technology were designed for a reason – so that you can feel both comfortable and confident.


Why Choose New Beginnings?

New Beginnings know pregnancy, and they’ve been working on it for a while. Maternity wear is what they do, and you can trust that choosing one of their maternity bras is guaranteed to support you throughout your pregnancy.

You don’t have to choose between fashion or comfort, choose New Beginnings and have both!

To find out more about New Beginnings maternity bras and order products, email sales@newbeginnings.com.au, or call the order hotline on 1300 768 868.

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