Watch the #BabyMamaDance For Endless Hours Of Entertainment

Stuck in quarantine? We can't look away from these hilarious baby mamma dance videos on Instagram.

Danced to the song 'Baby Mama' by Starrkeisha, mamas take to the floor and show us how they 'Drop it down, drop it down-down low' often with their partners wriggling around behind them.

Get ready to be addicted with these cute videos from The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne and Big Brother’s Skye Wheatley, amongst others. Here are some of our favourites.

Laura Byrne

The Bachelor's Laura Byrne with hubby, Matty J, try everything possible to get their baby evicted.

Cris Rivera

Chris Riviera from Puerto Rico breaks it down and shows us she's still got twerkability (we think it's a word?) at #39weekspregnant.

Hannah Polites

YouTuber, Hannah Polites, mixes it up with the whole family. We love her mother-daughter booty dance in matching pjs - super cute!

Emilee Hembrow

Another YouTuber, Emilee Hembrow from Gold Coast, QLD dances a chill solo, and it's no wonder, she's about to 'pop' at #39weekspregnant. We almost can't watch (almost).

Skye Wheatley

Big Brother's Skye Wheatley acknowledges she's 'cringe' but has fun anyway. We love a girl who can laugh at herself.

Kambri Randolph

Mum of six boys, Kambri parties with her sisters quarantine-style in this hilarious choreographed dance.

Congrats to all the new mamas. We love these baby mama dances!  If you want to take part, tag us on your next #babymamadance and we'll repost it. Have fun #stayhome. x