2-in-1 UV Steriliser & Dryer
 The New Beginnings UV Steriliser and Dryer is the perfect compact unit you need to dry, sterilise and store your bottles, teats, sippy cups and accessories. Perfect for sterilising absolutely anything from toys, feeding accessories and even electronics.*This handy unit...
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Portable 4-in-1 UV Steriliser
The New Beginnings Portable 4-in-1 UV Steriliser is your new best friend for any mum on the go! This easy and compact UV Steriliser allows you to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria from bottles, teats, pacifiers and sippy cups wherever,...
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Microwave Steriliser Bags (6pk)
Keep your babies feeding accessories safe and clean! Our 6 Large reusable microwave steriliser bags are perfect for quickly disinfecting feeding accessories. Easy to use and take with you on the go, they are an essential for all new mums. ...
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Portable Mini UV Steriliser
The New Beginnings Portable Mini UV Steriliser is the perfect sterilising accessory for any busy on the go. Compact and light weight our Mini Steriliser allows you to sterilise your bub's teats and dummies on the go. Say goodbye to...
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Keeping your baby’s feeding accessories clean and germ-free is an essential part of ensuring their health and safety, particularly in their first 12 months of life while their immune system is still developing. While some products are fine to pop into the dishwasher, sometimes that method just won’t cut it. Enter baby steriliser devices: the simple way to ensure your bub’s bottles, teats and the other bits and pieces they put in their mouths stay hygienic.

There are many benefits to sterilising and several different methods you can use. However, ultraviolet light (UV) is one of the most effective ways to eliminate germs and bacteria and is used by healthcare professionals. So it’s perhaps no surprise that all of our UV baby bottle steriliser options are popular, and are a great addition to your cart when you’re sorting out baby’s feeding needs before their arrival. 

Both our 180ml and 250ml bottles, as well as our breastmilk storage bottles, are all designed to fit perfectly in our 2-in-1 UV bottle steriliser and dryer. They also fit in our handy UV portable bottle steriliser, which is a great baby steriliser option for hygiene on the go. (Tip: Throw the mini portable steriliser into your baby bag for any teats and dummies that need a quick clean while you’re out and about.)

Whether you’re away from home or in a hurry, another handy alternative to an electric bottle steriliser are microwave steriliser bags. Simply pop any bottles, teats or pacifiers that need a clean into one of the specially designed microwave steriliser bags, along with 60ml of tap water, seal tightly and give them a zap. In just three minutes (plus cooling time), your bub’s feeding essentials will be clean and safe for use.