10 Of Our Favourite Pregnancy Podcasts

We love pregnancy podcasts for their digestibility, education, and relatability - they're the best way to take your mind off of things or get informed while multitasking. That's why we’ve assembled a list of our top 11 pregnancy podcasts for your to listen to if you're expecting. Whether you’re a single mum or expecting your sixth little one, all of these pods have valuable info and entertainment for you to listen to. Looking for post-partum specific information? Check out our guide: You Did It! Now Let's Talk Postpartum.

For First Time Mums

1. Pregnancy Podcast

Pregnancy Podcast is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for foundational advice on a pregnancy or birth topics. Host, Vanessa Merten, shares the pros and cons of every pregnancy/parenting decision, calling on expert guests to provide different perspectives and using the latest research to help you figure out your best options on prenatal care, labor, breastfeeding, and all aspects of newborn care.


2. 40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast

Curious about the different stages of pregnancy? This is the podcast for you. The 40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast literally goes step by step through what your baby is doing at each stage of your pregnancy. If you subscribe you can even set your due date with the pod and receive podcasts in your inbox, timed in sync with  your pregnancy. 

3. Rockstar Birth Radio

Feeling a little bit anxious about giving birth? That’s totally normal and rockstar host, Shalome Stone, is at the ready to help you replace your fear of childbirth and pregnancy pain with the powerful mentality of a badass who’s got this. 

4. Postpartum Stories With Steph

You’ve given birth, now it’s time to raise this baby! The Postpartum Stories With Steph Podcast sheds light on what to expect as the parent of a newborn through honest interviews with real mums. Perfect for first-time mums who need to connect with the stories of others.

For Experienced Mamas

5. One Bad Mother

A podcast about the struggles (and sometimes insanity!) of parenting, while One Bad Mother isn’t specifically for mums with newborns, it often talks about balancing babies of different age ranges, including newborns and toddlers. Great for mums that need a good laugh while their baby is crying and the toddler is throwing food.

6. Totally Mommy

totally mommy logo

Image: Total Mommy

Another fun, stress-relieving and definitely relatable podcast, two down-to-earth comics, Elizabeth Laime (mom of an infant and a toddler) and Vanessa Ragland (mom of a toddler), have conversations every week about the craziness that is balancing life with little ones. The show also has an associated Facebook-group that listeners can submit questions to, so it’s great for support and community among mums. 

For Niche Pregnancies 

7. Birth Kweens Podcast

The perfect podcast for parents considering natural childbirth, this show is hosted by Karly Nuttall, a licensed midwife, and Ali Feroah, a birth and postpartum doula. The pod covers everything from CBD use to hospital vs home birthing.  

8. Doing It At Home

pregnancy podcast

Image: Doing It At Home

Speaking of home births, married couple Sarah and Matthew Bivens are funny and frank about their pregnancy and home birth experiences. They also interview parents who’ve had home births, and cover natural birthing techniques of course. 

9. Not by Accident

A great one for single mother’s by choice ('SMBCs') the host, Sophie Harper, shares her experiences parenting her daughter, Astrid, solo by choice. A deeply personal and honest podcast, this is a must for any mums going it alone with their parenting journey.

10. Baby or Bust with Dr Lora Shahine

Feeling unheard on the often-isolating journey to parenthood? "Baby or Bust" is your supportive friend. Hosted by a fertility doctor who's also a former patient, this podcast tackles the tough topics of infertility and miscarriage with open conversations, expert interviews, and real-life stories from those who've been there. It's a resource for anyone facing fertility challenges, offering both practical guidance and emotional support.

Did you add any of these new podcasts to the list? Let us know if you hit ‘subscribe’ and what you like about the show. Interested in more pregnancy journey resources? Check out our blog ‘Australian Baby Names Currently Trending in 2020’ and ‘Hospital Bag for Mum: Ticking off the Checklist’ to add to your reading material next.