Is a UV Sterilizer safe for your baby?

During their first 12 months, a baby’s immune system is still developing which means they could be at an increased risk of developing infections from common germs and bacteria. Whether you’ve chosen to bottle feed or breastfeed your baby, sterilising all feeding accessories will ensure they aren’t exposed to any nasties early on. 

When it comes to sterilisation, there are many different ways to eliminate germs and bacteria from your baby’s feeding accessories. From UV light, steam, boiling water, or chemical disinfectant - all methods are effective at killing germs and bacteria.

2-in-1 UV Steriliser & Dryer

Why UV for sterilising baby products? 

UV light (aka ultraviolet light) uses technology that kills all germs and bacteria quicker and more effectively than traditional methods. UV light requires very low energy, is cheap to run and not dangerous to humans (especially your little humans).

So what are the benefits of using UV light for sterilising?

1. The professionals did it first!
UV light is commonly used amongst healthcare professionals such as dentists, doctors and surgeons. It’s easy to use and kills environmental bacteria rather than simply reducing the number

2. It’s safe and non-toxic
There is no use of harsh chemicals or extreme heat which can be a hazard, especially with little ones running around. UV light is environmentally friendly, human friendly and so easy to use. 

3. UV Kills!
Kills bacteria that is...UV light physically eliminates germs and bacteria from the site meaning there is no chance for bacteria to grow back or build an immunity to it like some chemical disinfectants.

4. Show me the money
Not only is UV safe for household use, but it’s safe on the wallet too. UV sterilisers are actually much more affordable than you might think. For instance, one full cycle with the New Beginnings 2-in-1 Steriliser and Dryer is 53 minutes. This equates to 21 years of use if you use it once a day! Not only this, but they require very little power to run, so your energy bill is also safe.

For more information the safety of baby products, explore our guide to essential oils  and pregnancy aromatherapy.

2-in-1 UV Steriliser & Dryer

Why New Beginnings’ 2-in-1 Steriliser & Dryer?

So we’ve told you why you should go for a UV Steriliser, but why should you pick ours?

We know babies can be expensive, so we’ve set our price to cater to all mums. As one of the first of its kind, we’re sure that this innovative technology will not disappoint you.

Our unit is small, compact and silent! Just like your new bub, minus the silence...It will fit perfectly on your counter without taking up your entire bench space as well as operate in the background without you even noticing or waking up the baby. 

It’s ultra-lightweight, and can easily fit all your feeding accessories, so say goodbye to drying bottles on every inch of bench space you have. Doubling as a drying and sterilising unit, you can spend less time cleaning and more time trying to relax. 

Introducing UV Minis!

Knowing the importance of UV Sterilisation, especially for mums on the go, we have introduced an easy and affordable sterilisation unit! Introducing our two mini UV sterilisers. 

Both these small and might units use the same UV light used in our larger unit, to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on the go. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, they're the perfect accessory to add to your baby bag or throw in your pram. Capable of sterilising teats, pacifiers, sippy cups and more you can ensure your bub is safe from any unknown nasties while you're out and about. 

Check them out using the links above! 

Portable 4-in-1 UV Steriliser

So what to take away? UV light is the most efficient, affordable and safe way to sterilise your baby accessories, trusted by healthcare professionals and now available in your home. We can promise once you try it you won’t go back! 

For more information on the New Beginnings 2-in-1 UV Steriliser and Dryer or get in touch with us on our socials at @newbeginningsmaternity

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