Our Spotify Playlist for Late Night Breastfeeding

Having a baby is a delicate time for all mums. From birth through to the first six months, it’s a seemingly magical period, unique to each mother and baby, where bonding involves sleepless nights of breastfeeding and holding bub close as you rock them over and over to sleep.

In our blog, Everything They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding, we recommended to not turn on lights while breastfeeding, as a TV screen or phone can disrupt your baby’s circadian rhythm, making it harder for them to adjust to a sleep routine. Instead, we recommend listening to your favourite podcast or relaxing music. That got us thinking, what are the best songs for those 4am nights when you’re so tired but so happy? We asked New Beginning’s mums for their favourite song recommendations and got so many good suggestions, we created a Spotify playlist.

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A mix of soothing orchestral pieces and modern day low-fi - there’s no cutesy baby songs here! We like to think of this as your relaxing midnight soundtrack to help you remember the magical time when baby was just a newborn. Here’s a few stand out tracks we love: 

‘Dancing In the Moonlight’ - L’aupaire

dancing in the moonlight song

This song is a classic and the cover version with L’aupaire is calming while still bringing back memories. Plus the words are also so perfect for night time with baby. 

‘Nothing Even Matters’ - Lauryn Hill

lauryn hill album cover

From her iconic album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, this song, fittingly, is a celebration of Hill’s first born with Rohan Marley. The song talks about how everything disappears when you’re with a newborn.

‘Confidence’ - Ocean Alley 

ocean alley album cover

So groovy, so funky - perfect for a late night jam session.

‘Together At Last’ - Alexis Ffrench

Alexis Ffrench album cover

Classical music with a twist! Alexis Ffrench creates positive and uplifting piano pieces that mimic modern pop songs in structure. Warm, simple and beautiful, it’s a perfect song to listen to late at night. 

‘Milk’ - Kings Of Leon

kings of leon album cover

Sometimes you’ve got to have a sense of humour! ‘Milk’ is the perfect song to pump milk to, or breastfeed, without it getting too loud. 

What do you think of the song choices? Would you add any to our list? Comment below your favourite late-night songs to breastfeed and cuddle to. We might add some of them to the list! 

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Thank you to Bijanka Orr, Nikki Moses and the other fabulous mums (who want to remain anon) for contributing to the playlist :)