How do gender reveals work?

To know or not to know, that is the question! 

So what type of couple will you be; will you utilise the modern comforts of technology to find out if you are having a boy or a girl? Will you be the couple that opts for that lovely surprise come labour day? Or are you a new generation of couples that throw a gender reveal party instead?

I think if you were to look at your group of friends and peers, there would be a nice mix of couples who need to know (like myself) or like being a bit old school and waiting until the baby is born, or some couples deciding to ditch a traditional baby shower and have a gender reveal party instead!  If you are interested in throwing tradition to the wind then here are my top 5 gender reveal party ideas!


-A cake cutting baby shower that centres on a cake being dyed inside either blue or pink!

-A piñata party where your guests can all relieve some tension to reveal your babies gender upon cracking the shell with blue or pink coloured lollies, or coloured card!

-Helium balloons that have been filled with pink or blue confetti which the couples pop revealing the gender to their guests.

-White sugar tablets for all your guests to pop into their drinks that uncover either blue or pink dye when dissolved.

-Paint throwing where couples throw small balloons filled with coloured water or paint at a white wall or canvas to show the colour and reveal the gender.

Whether you do decide to find out or not, needs to feel right for both you and your partner. I have heard of one partner wishing to know and the other not so the sonographer writes the gender down in an envelope for the couple to take home. It’s then a matter of self-control as to who can resist that tempting piece of information glaring at you from across the living room.

I will leave you with how we found out about my first born babies gender. We had our first scan at the usual 19 week mark to excitedly discover that we were having a little baby girl. But my partner and I were not entirely convinced by the sonographer’s findings because our baby had its legs crossed and would not budge from this position. You could image our surprise at 27 weeks when we booked for another scan, to be told beyond a shadow of a doubt that our little girl was actually a little boy. Now that is what I call a gender surprise!

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 Author: Elise Bradfield @elise_bradfield