You’re pregnant, how wonderful, in comes the hormones and your ability to grow rounder and eat more than you may have thought possible. Unfortunately out goes your ability to control anything about your body, as you become the sole vessel for this miracle to develop and flourish in.

We have heard it all before, about the sore backs, the swollen ankles and the general discomfort of pregnancy. If you have a mother like mine who is very hazy on her own pregnancy experiences, I was told these aches and pains are all part and parcel of the process and you just deal with them. Luckily enough we are not this harden up generation, we are the generation of plan B’s, second opinions and how can we fix it!

I personally suffered bad reflux, like….almost dragon breathing fire reflux, lower back pain, bad swollen ankles and morning sickness for the first trimester. Now morning sickness can affect pregnant ladies in different ways, from vomiting and nausea, to the general day in and day out feeling of ‘ugh’. I know of a lady who only survived pregnancy with a new BFF…..a bucket, which she had to carry with her the whole 9 months!

The influx of pregnancy hormones and how your body deals with sharing its space will vary greatly from woman to woman. My little sister had really bad sciatic nerve pain, but my older sister saw through three pregnancies without a peep! Another girl I know had to quit her job and go on bed rest because she was bleeding and it was too taxing on her body. Then there is the lack of bladder control, the hair growth, the stretch marks, elephant size ankles, the complete left field changes in the size, shape and feel of your breasts and nipples, the breathlessness, the back pain and the list goes on and on.  So once the initial excitement wears off you may start to feel some degree of discomfort as your body adapts. Then once progressing to the later stages, being large and uncomfortable whilst this little miracle grows - I have some tips to help you through these 9 months.

BACK PAIN - I found the New Beginnings Support Belt and Tube a huge relief and in fact I bought it for my friends and sister when they were pregnant.

NAUSEA* - Try to drink plenty of water and sleep it off when you can. I took ginger tablets and tea which helped settle my stomach.

REFLUX* - Watching the acidic foods that you are consuming and taking some pregnancy approved tablets or sprays. I always had the chewable Mylanta tablets in my handbag ready to go!

STRETCH MARKS - I started using Bio Oil early on and continued right through with this. Although I think stretch marks are unavoidable if you are predisposition to them, either way it made me feel like I was helping.

BREAST CHANGES - Your breasts can be so tender, your nipples grow and become very sensitive, so an investment in a great maternity bra ie a New Beginnings maternity bra, is an absolute must. I found the soft fabric and UGrow™ technology a perfect mix to support my growing breasts but gentle enough to not irritate my nipples.

So hang in there, take care of yourself and utilise good, safe products. Growing a tiny human can take a big toll on you physically and mentally so rest when you get the chance and try to enjoy the changes and the awesome feat that your body is performing for you. And remember that there are perks too…bigger boobs, eating all you want, a luscious mane of hair, a Jennifer lopez booty, plenty of sympathy from work and friends when you are feeling unwell and get to spend all day at home in bed and of course the beautiful, healthy baby to hold at the end!

 Author: Elise Bradfield @elise_bradfield

*Please consult your health professional before consuming any supplements or medical products whilst pregnant.