Maternity Clothing Essentials

Pregnancy is a whole journey, so being comfortable and prepared for the road ahead will make things a little easier. Finding the right size clothing can be hard enough, let alone when your body is constantly changing, so we’re here to break it down for you. We’re going to have a look at all the basics you need to get you from bump to breastfeeding and beyond!

Is it time to shop?

We’ve said it over and over, but everybody and every experience is different. Which means it’s completely up to you! But to make it a little easier for you we’ve given you some guidelines so you know when it's time to hit the shops for some new clothes:

  • Pants that require buttons, zippers or belts are just not comfortable or practical anymore. 
  • Your new best friend is your yoga pants
  • All your regular shirts are now crop tops
  • Everything you wear feels tight and restricted 
  • You don't feel comfortable in anything!

What do you need?

Now we’ve established it’s time to shop for you (no bub does not need another cute onesie with a matching beanie), we need to find out what you need to buy!

Remember, everyone is different, so find what feels right for you. Here is a list of what we recommend to help you feel comfortable and confident throughout the rest of your pregnancy journey:

  • A good maternity bra: (we’ve got you on this one!) A maternity bra is great for all pregnant mothers whether you're planning to breastfeed or not. Allowing room to grow without cutting in or restricting you will ensure you're able to provide the best breastmilk possible when the time comes. 

  • Comfortable underwear: Do not underestimate the power a comfortable cotton pair of underwear can hold.

  • Dresses - Long, short, stretchy, flowy etc they will be your go to wardrobe pick! We love something that you can wear a cute jumper over or dress up with a nice jacket or cardigan. 

  • Pants - Look for something that’s breathable, stretchy, no buttons or zippers and can be dressed up or down. Leggings, Mom Jeans & linen pants are all great options!

  • Shirts - We suggest something that will transition easily for when you’re breastfeeding. Anything flowy with buttons, a V neck, stretchy and most importantly comfortable. And you can't go past a wrap shirt - comfortable, easy and great for feeding time!

Shopping Tips:

  • Shop beyond the bump...look for clothes that you can still wear without a bump and still feel confident in!

  • Anything with a bit of stretch and flex to it is perfect 

  • If it’s sheer, don’t go near. While stretch is important, be aware of items becoming sheer. As you grow, move and bend around the integrity of the material should remain the same. 

  • It doesn’t have to say maternity on it! Maternity dedicated clothes can be very expensive, shop for the clothes and brands you would usually wear but in different sizes or styles!


Some of our favourites:

To make it a little easier, here are some of our favourite items for easy, comfortable and affordable maternity clothing:

Remember the most important thing when it comes to shopping for maternity apparel is that you're confident and comfortable. There is no need to spend a whole pay check on some clothes you're going to wear for 9 months, think long term and multi use items! 

Tell us below what your favourite maternity clothing items are, or let us know what items to stay away from - we'd love to hear from you!