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Your guide to maternity bras

Sooner or later during pregnancy your breasts are going to grow and your regular bras won’t fit you anymore. But that is not the only reason why you should get a maternity bra. Here we are going to explain everything to you, and at New Beginnings you can find different types of bras for all stages of pregnancy.

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What’s the difference between a maternity bra and a regular bra?

The biggest difference between a maternity bra and a regular bra is something very simple but can be risky for you and bub: the underwire. It puts pressure on milk ducts and tender breast tissue and restricts the diaphragm region, which can prevent you from expanding correctly and potentially block milk flow.

What are the benefits to wearing a maternity bra during pregnancy?

- Wire-free for mum and bub safety.
- Soft, natural material that are comfortable enough to sleep in.
- Supportive wide straps that helps minimise back pain.
- More rows of clasps to allow you to grow comfortably.
- Drop-down clasps for easy access for breastfeeding.
- Not just as beautiful as a regular bra, but also more comfortable and functional!

How to fit for a maternity bra?

Due to the UGrow technology on our bras, which allows your bra to grow with you, we recommend you get a maternity bra with the size you were pre-pregnancy.Band size: this is your underbust measurement, right above your breasts. You will want a couple extra hooks for it to fit you until the end of your breastfeeding journey.Cup size: the measurement of the fullest part of your bust (usually from the nipple line). You don’t want this to be too tight but it can’t be too loose either.

What are the top types of maternity bras?

1. All Day Maternity Bras

Cool and breathable, our bras are suitable for you to use all day and everyday. Comfortable, wire-free, with drop-down clasps for easy breastfeeding, they offer gentle support for your bust.

Our Diamond Maternity Bra is the ultimate in maternity bra luxury with a feminine design that we love. Made from a cotton elastane blend, it’s steady and offers gentle support.

Our Everyday Maternity Bra is, of course, as the name says, for everyday use - super comfy! Made from an elastane blend, it gently molds to your body.

Customer Review:

I purchased two of these bras in size Small in the nude colour. They fit really well - I added in bra extenders for a better fit around my chest just as I do other bras. The clips are simple to unclip and reclip one handed too (with a bit of practice!).The removable foam cups are great, allowing for personal preference!

woman displaying All Day Maternity Bra
woman displaying All Day Maternity Bra

2. Active Maternity Bra

If you’re an active mum, you will love our Active Maternity Bra. It offers great support for exercising - either if you are a yoga or a cross fit mum, just go for it!

Designed with a drop-down clasp, it’s easy for you to breastfeed at any time. Made with a high performance blended fabric of cotton and elastane, it offers optimum comfort and breathability.

3. Comfy Maternity Bras (Transition Bras and Pregnancy Bras)

With no wires, clasps or hooks and comfy to sleep, these bras are super soft and stretchy.

Our Transition Bra is perfect for when you’re weaning your baby. Breastfeeding couldn't be easier with this cross front designed bra.

Our Pregnancy Crop Top is super breathable and perfect for sleeping and for use from the early stages of pregnancy through breastfeeding stages.

Customer Review:

Transition BraThis soft bra is great, just what I have been looking for, very happy with the product and have ordered two more!

woman displaying transition bra

We always recommend having at least 3 maternity bras - one to wear today, one in the draw for tomorrow and one in the wash from yesterday. Choose your preferred ones and be comfortable, safe, beautiful and sexy!You can download our Bra Guide to learn more about maternity bras (and to be spoilt with a 20% discount on your next purchase!).

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