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What to look for in a Breast Pump. Already have one? Here's what you might have missed!

Why use a Breast Pump?

Breastfeeding and pumping are both great ways to give your baby the natural benefits of breast milk. Most Mums don’t have to choose one or the other exclusively: instead breast pump and direct feeding can both become part of your routine.

Breast pumps and double pumps collect milk for greater control over feeding times. Where feeding direct from the breast is a natural time for mothers and babies to bond, it is certainly not the only bonding opportunity. Pumping allows mothers recovering in the postpartum period, or juggling multiple babies, to ensure there is always a consistent supply of milk made specially based on the natural feedback loop created when bub is at the breast.

Do You Need A Breast Pump?

Women may choose to combine breast pumps and direct feeding for any number of reasons relating to lifestyle, health or the baby’s behaviour. Sometimes for the 40% of Australian mums who return to work, it is a deliberate choice to keep a steady supply for the carer. Other times it is not possible to produce breast milk on the baby’s feeding schedule, so pumping becomes an important alternative.

Mothers may choose to invest in a breast pump or double breast pump because:

  • Feeding becomes painful or uncomfortable
  • They have returned to work and prefer breast milk over formula
  • They are unable to produce milk themselves and require donor milk
  • More than one baby is stretching mum thin, so a double breast pump is required
  • Supply of milk is not consistent or reliable

Whatever your reasons for choosing to pump, feeding strategy is a highly personal choice. Here at New Beginnings we support all Mums – and for those who choose to pump we have single and double pumps made specially for you.

What to look for in a Breast Pump

Ensuring baby is getting enough nutrients from breast pumping means choosing a pump system that’s reliable, comfortable and portable. And here’s where we let you in on a little secret: not all breast pumps are made the same, but you don’t have to go for the most expensive option to get the best. The key features you should consider when looking for a breast pump are:

  1. Portability – your breast pump should be portable enough to travel with you, plus have features like USB charging and a long battery life.
  2. Single vs double pump – double breast pumps are more efficient for working and busy Mums who are short on time.
  3. Adjustable settings – computer technology that allows you to vary speed and suction levels to find your preferred settings.
  4. Comfort features – designed to mimic the natural process of a baby on the breast, a good breast pump will feel and behave like the real thing to stimulate milk production.

See the New Beginnings single pump, double pump and bottles here.

Why Choose New Beginnings?

We created our pumps based on feedback from Mums, so they are incredibly comfortable, user-friendly and fully adjustable to suit you. New Beginnings single and double pumps are designed to suit all women, with a wide range of adjustable settings for comfort and maximum milk supply.

Enjoy free shipping on New Beginnings breast pumps – plus we’ve added a bonus 140ml and 250ml bottle with newborn teats to make your life a little easier.

Order online or through our order hotline on 1300 768 868, or email sales@newbeginnings.com.au for more information. Sign up to our free newsletter below for more product news and tips from our community of Mums.