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Should I pack the postpartum pack in my hospital bag?

Including a postpartum product pack in your hospital bag can offer several advantages as you embark on your postpartum journey. By packing a postnatal bundle, you ensure preparedness and convenience right from the start. Having essential items readily available saves you the hassle of searching for specific products or relying solely on what the hospital provides.

What's included in a postpartum pack?

The New Beginnings postpartum pack includes all of those essentials needed after giving birth. From disposable pants, maternity pads, dry wipes and breast pads, avoid any uncomfortable situations during those first few days after labour.

What are the top breastfeeding essentials?

When it comes to breastfeeding essentials, there are a few key items that nursing mothers often find indispensable. Here are some of the top breastfeeding essentials:

  1. Nursing Bras: Comfortable and supportive nursing bras are designed to provide easy access for breastfeeding while offering proper support and comfort throughout the day.

  2. UV Steriliser: Keep your milk storage bags, dummies and breast pump accessories sterile with a UV steriliser.

  3. Nipple Shield: Designed to assist with various breastfeeding challenges and provide benefits such as pain-free breastfeeding, improved latching, and support for inverted or flat nipples.

  4. Breast Pump: A breast pump can be a valuable tool for expressing breast milk, especially if you plan to return to work or have periods of separation from your baby. It allows you to maintain your milk supply and provide breast milk when direct breastfeeding is not possible.

  5. Milk Storage Containers: Milk storage containers, such as breast milk storage bags or bottles, provide a hygienic and convenient way to store and freeze expressed breast milk. They ensure that your breast milk remains safe and can be easily stored or transported.

You can shop these breastfeeding and breast care essentials in our New Beginnings bundles.