“I'm actually still using the Back Support Belt now even though I'm not pregnant anymore because it offers that extra support I still need while everything recovers”


“I am a D cup size and I just found out I'm having a baby. I had to find a bra that fitted me and sat comfortably on my shoulders. The Back Support Bra is just perfect, it gives me all the support I need in the upper back, and trust me, I need support!”


“The Back Support Belt is just a blessing. I bought it while I was pregnant but I keep using it - I'm a nurse and especially after having Emma, my back gets sore quite often.”


“I really enjoy wearing it the Back Support Tube, I imagine I will be wearing it after the baby comes to give my stomach a bit of shape and support too!” 


“The most comfortable bras I have ever worn!”


“The Back Support Tube product was great, it has support where I need support and stretch where I need stretch. I see this tube being suitable to wear from the early stages right up until the last days. I would gladly use and try other products from this range.”