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Hospital Bag

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed as you try to organise your pregnancy hospital bag essentials amidst, well, everything else that needs doing before baby arrives, it’s time to take a few deep breaths and relax. Yes, there are quite a few essential hospital bag items to organise ahead of the big day, but we make it easy by putting all of your hospital bag essentials in one place. (Psst – check out our hospital bag checklist article on absolutely everything you will need to take with you for your hospital stay.) Oh, and if your friends and family are planning a visit in those early days and not sure what to take a new mum in hospital, be sure to share this list with them, too! Everything will come in very handy for those first days after welcoming your new family member to the world.

Your hospital bag essentials will include items for both you and for your new arrival. For mums, hospital bag essentials like a maternity or nursing bra, disposable pants and maternity pads, and comfy maternity leggings are an absolute must. It’s also a good idea to pack nursing pads (disposable or washable, it’s up to you), and you may like to include Breast Care Hot and Cold Packs or Aqua Gel Breast Pads to soothe pain associated with breastfeeding. A Silicone Breast Pump can also come in handy soon after your baby arrives.

That’s mum’s hospital bag essentials sorted – but what are the essential hospital bag items for baby? For starters, you’ll need baby wipes – New Beginnings’ Bamboo Dry Wipes Soft Pack is perfect for throwing into your hospital bag. (Tip: grab a box of dry wipes to keep on your change table and keep a soft pack in your baby bag for when you’re out and about.)