What I Wish I Had Known (and Received) for My First Mother's Day

mother holding baby with nursing pad in hands

Let's be honest, the first year of motherhood is a beautiful whirlwind of chaos. In-between the late nights and dirty nappies comes Mother’s Day, a day that’s painted with sunshine, sweet sentiments, and...mountains of laundry, right?  This year, however, I'm a seasoned pro (well, maybe not that seasoned, but at least the coffee maker doesn't sound like a dying walrus anymore). Looking back, there are a few things I truly wished for on my first Mother's Day – things that would have made the early days of being a new mum a little less "sleep-deprived zombie walk" and a little more "glowing mama bear."  So, for all the soon-to-be and new mums out there, consider this your survival guide disguised as a Mother's Day gift list to share with your loved ones.

Mother's Day gift ideas that make new mum life easier

The first few months are an adjustment period for both you and your little one. Every day is a learning experience, and sometimes, the most valuable gifts are the ones that simplify your routine. Here are a few essentials that would have made a real difference for me:

  • Washable Bamboo Nursing Pads: Forget disposable pads, friends. Washable nursing pads are a revelation. Bamboo nursing pads are soft, absorbent (hello, leaky learning curve!), and surprisingly breathable. Plus, these reusable nursing pads are eco-friendly, which feels good when you're already feeling like a milk-making machine. Trust me, your nipples will thank you for the gentle touch.

  • Nipple Shields (if needed): Breastfeeding is a beautiful process, but it can also be painful, especially in the beginning. Nipple shields can provide a temporary solution if you're experiencing soreness or cracking. Nipple shields allow you to continue feeding comfortably while your body heals.

  • Maternity Bras: Comfortable and supportive maternity bras are essential for a new mum's physical well-being. Finding the right fit can make a world of difference in terms of comfort and support for breastfeeding mums, especially during a time of significant physical changes.

  • Ready Made Meal Vouchers: Let's face it, cooking takes time and energy – two things new mums are often in short supply of. This Mother's Day, why not ask for a delicious gift of convenience with ready made meal vouchers?

  • Practical New Mum Packs: Many brands, like New Beginnings, are now offering pre-assembled new mum packs containing some of the essential items we need as new mums. Having these items readily available helps you stay prepared for those inevitable "oh no" moments when you're already stretched thin. Here’s two of my favourite value packs:
    • Breastfeeding Essential Kit: This comprehensive breastfeeding kit includes all the must-have items for breastfeeding mums. Shop the Breastfeeding Essential Kit.
    • Hospital Essential Kit: Providing our soon-to-be mums with those top hospital essential products we need. Shop the Hospital Essentials Kit.

breastfeeding essential kit sitting on kitchen bench

Mother’s Day gift ideas that go beyond the tangible

Okay, here's the real truth: sometimes the best gift a new mum can receive is permission to prioritise herself. Motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint, and self-care isn't selfish, it's essential. Here are a few things I yearned for on my first Mother's Day that would have made a world of difference:

  • Time for Rest and Rejuvenation: 

    A luxurious bath set, a gift certificate for a massage, or even a relaxing aromatherapy candle – these thoughtful gestures show that you understand the importance of self-care for a new mum.
  • A Full Night of Sleep: The International Breastfeeding Journal has cited that new mums lose up to 3hrs sleep per night. The exhaustion of those early months is unlike anything I've ever experienced. If someone could have gifted me a magic potion for a full night of uninterrupted sleep, well, let's just say I'd have built a shrine in their honour.

  • Time: They say time is a precious commodity, and never is that truer than in the first year of motherhood. A gift certificate for a babysitter, an offer to take the baby for a walk while you nap – these gestures are more valuable than gold.  This time allows space for much-needed mental and physical recharge.

  • Photos: That's right, photos. Looking back at the albums from my little one's first few months, I'm filled with joy at the countless pictures capturing their precious smiles and yawns. But then a pang hits me – there are very few photos of myself with my bub. Exhausted and overwhelmed, I rarely thought to grab the camera and document those precious moments of snuggles and feeding. This Mother's Day, ask for photos with your baby! It doesn't have to be a professional photoshoot – even a few candid snaps throughout the day will do. These photos won't guarantee a full night's sleep, but they'll create lasting memories you and your child can treasure forever.

Motherhood is a journey filled with love, laughter, and yes, a healthy dose of chaos. Embrace it all, mummas. And remember, you're not alone. Hopefully, this guide provides you with some Mothers Day gift list ideas that you can share with your loved ones.