Disposable Pants
Made from a breathable mesh weave, the New Beginnings disposable pants provide extreme comfort and hygiene. With unrestricted air flow these are essential to ensure optimum healing (particularly for c-sections) after birth. They will hold a pad in place securely...
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Bamboo Maternity Pads (24pk)
Welcome to the NEW New Beginnings Bamboo Maternity Pads. Now with added wings, and extra length to give you absolute protection and confidence. Now in a convenient 24pc box and wrapped in non-woven material to reduce plastic waste. Silky, soft and...
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When the time comes to pack your hospital bag and prepare for the first few days and weeks at home with baby, there are some essential items you’re going to want to have on hand – take it from the mums who’ve been there! Alongside your comfy maternity leggings, your nursing bras and your back support items (yes, you may still wish to use these after birth!), things like postpartum underwear and maternity pads will become your post-birth care essentials.

Whether you have a vaginal birth or a C-section, maternity pads are a must-have for your postpartum journey, as you will experience bleeding from your uterus soon after your baby is born (mostly from where the placenta was attached). This bleeding is typically only heavy for a week to 10 days but can last for up to six weeks. Our postpartum pads are longer than regular period sanitary pads to offer better protection, and the bamboo inner core is not only breathable but also incredibly absorbent, giving you ultimate comfort and confidence.

Along with maternity pads, postpartum disposable underwear is also an essential, not just for your hospital stay but during the first few weeks after birth. The best disposable underwear after delivery is a pair that is comfortable, gentle on your sensitive areas and that allows the skin to breathe – and New Beginnings’ postpartum underwear ticks all the boxes. 

Designed to hold your pad in place securely, New Beginning’s reusable mesh underwear is made from a hygienic, high-stretch fabric, providing unrestricted airflow. This aids in the healing process by allowing scars and delicate skin to breathe. In fact, they are even safe, soft and gentle enough to wear following a Caesarean section. Plus, New Beginnings’ soft and comfy disposable maternity underwear can be washed and reused up to 20 times, giving you the ultimate bang for your buck.